F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


Thank you all for showing up!!!
Gift wrapBig MacTicksHappy MealCaptain HookWALL-ERapidHumpty DumptyFranc [Former FNG] Squints
QIC: Mix Tape

To plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of mail community leadership

I want to remind everyone I am not a professional

It’s each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify as needed for any injuries also if you need to please modify up to make the exercise more difficult

F3 has 5 core principles

Free of charge
Open to all men
held outdoors regardless of weather
Led in a rotating fashion with no certification needed
And it ends in a circle of trust


Warm-O-Rama aka The Hot Song
16 Bars in a verse three verses

Cherry pickers IC x 16
Harry rockets IC 2 is 1 x 16
Side straddle hops IC X 16

Indian Run full loop around baseball fields and near coupons mosey back to flags
Six does 5 Jump Squats

Cones in field 75 yards from hill

Dora 123
Partner A runs to cones n back bear crawls uphill to partner B

Partner B does Exercise NEAR THE TOP of small hill by flags but on the slope

100 Hill Derkins
200 mountain Climbers (plank position bring knee to chest) 1 is 1
300 uphill alt lunges (No Coleman) 1 is 1
We all finish together and do Alt Lunges with the six

Pearl on a string to each light pole in field.
5 Burpees at check point
Al Gore for the Six
Half way thru pearl on string switch to 10 Jump squats for remaining check points

Hot song to finish
Low flutters IC x16
Bicycle kicks Freddy Mercuries IC x16
Scissor kicks Low Dolly IC x16

Planks high n low
BIg Boys
Nolan Ryan’s
Small Bat wings front and back

Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Words of wisdom
If you didn’t notice a trend about today it was based on uphill battles and music and for me the two go hand in hand in my life…if it wasn’t for my musical passion that kept me sane through the most challenging times in my life, I would’ve never won those uphill battles.. I just challenge you all to find your passion and if you already have one embrace it… If your passion has been lost find it. I’m going to end with this quote

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

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