F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
“Funky Bunch” of Merkins with MarkyMark

“Funky Bunch” of Merkins with MarkyMark

QIC: MarkyMark
Pax: 31
Banjo, Mcfly, Wow, ConAir, LOL, Chicken Little, Fanny Pack, Package, Pikachu, Kilt, Schwartz, Magellan, Frank the Tank, ’88, ChooChoo, Tech Deck, Excitebike, Toro, SoftKitty, Waldo, Bandwagon, MarkyMark, Clove, Chong, Daisy, Thumper, Foghorn, Topham Hat, Spirit Fingers, Miles, Psalty

Welcome to F3
5 core principles
First exercise- 7 motivators
10 burpees
Mozy down Vernon street to Mortuary
7 Motivators
Run to parking garage
Pair up: Catch me if you Mer-can
10 count
At top of garage, pair up with a new partner:
Dora 123
100 Carolina Dry Docks
200 Big Boys
300 Squats
Run back to flags
7 Motivators
10 Burpees due to Q’s counting error
50 American Hammers 2 is 1 OYO
20 Big Boys OYO


COT, words of encouragement

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