F3 Gold Rush
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5.8.21 Whetstone

5.8.21 Whetstone


Q: Bilbo

PAX – 6 Total (with/ Q): Periscope, KJV, Ponch, Razzmatazz, and Captain Hook.

Pre-ruck only – Banjo

The 6 AM pre ruck PT Thang:                                          

Warm Up: Arm circles / Grady corn, Mountain climbers, and Imperial walkers

Ruck flops (40ft)                                            

Musical Dora: Partner #1 performs stated workout during each respective song. Partner #2 rucks around loop (.10 mile) and switches with Partner #1 when complete. If exercise is a “ruck off” exercise, partner #2 must carry their ruck without straps, in other words, they lose their Strap Privilege’s

Mother (Danzig) – High pull (ruck off)

Dear Mam (2pac) – Curls (ruck off)

Mom (Meghan Trainor) – Triceps extensions (ruck off)

Thank You Mom (Good Charlotte) – American hammers (ruck off)

Take your Mama (Scissor Sisters) – Burpees (ruck on)

Mama Said (The Shirelles) – Hip Thrusters (ruck off)

Hey Mama (Kanye West) – Squat (ruck on)

Stacy’s Mom (FoW) – Flash abs (ruck off)

Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J) – Ruck Swing (ruck off)

Hey Mama (David Guetta) – Shoulder Press (ruck off)

“Ginny” from the Block (Jennifer Lopez) – Monkey Humpers (ruck on)

The 7 AM Ruck Thang”

Disclaimer, F3 Mission, and F3 principles                       

Warm up: Side straddle hop and Harry Rockets

Ruck to location #1 (Terminal) – 1 mile – Rotate Sandbag (SB)                           

Circle of squats. PAX air squatting in circle while passing SB around. Whoever has SB does 5 curls, hands off SB to next PAX, and then goes back to air squats. Switch to 5 bent over rows after curls. Continue until all pax have completed curls and bent over rows.

Ruck to location #2 (Veteran’s Memorial Park baseball diamond) – 1.25 mile – Rotate SB                   

Vicious Circle – PAX travel single file around the bases of a baseball field. Lead PAX calls out a 5-rep exercise for the last PAX to do. Last PAX runs to the pitcher mound, performs the stated exercise and rejoins the at the front of the line, where they then call out the workout for the last PAX. Rinse and Repeat. Reverse order halfway through exercise.

Ruck back to flags – .5 mile – Rotate SB         

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