F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Cavity Control

Cavity Control

QIC: Tooth Fairy

PAX (19):

20 Forward arm circles

20 backward arm circles
20 Moroccan night club
20 Grady corn

Mosey to coupon
Get a partner, one coupon per partnership
Mosey with coupon to Back area 4 Base ball grass
One man with sand bag trade if necessary

Line up on the base Line “C-A-V-I-T-Y”

DORA type
One partner does Curls with coupon (100)
Other partner runs to 50 and back
On the way back once you hit the 20 yard line you bear crawl

American hammer (100)
Same to 50 Bear crawl at the 20
LBC for the six

coupons down lineup on the goal line Vacuum cleaners partner up wheelbarrow to the 15 yard line wheelbarrow back switch partners repeat times two

30 Iron mikes OYÓ

Mosey to amphitheater
“Tooth Fairy” 11’s type with box jump to top of steps Blockies at the bottom, merkins at the top, countdown alternate with partner

Return coupons

Y=yolk walk
Lung walk is
Last man has sand bag mosey to front with bag yoked over shoulders
Reach the front and drop sandbag, then lung walk continues and last man picks up sand bag carries to front continue till all pax do it. Switch to duck walk and last 30 yards bear crawl

Mosey with sandbag to basketball court
Suicides full court

Sand bags to flags

Return to flags circle up
25 Big boi sit-ups for the six
20 low flutter IC
20 high dolly IC
Hold plank 30 sec
10 left Nolan Ryan
10 right Nolan Ryan
20 SSH

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