F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


AO: The Den
Date: 5/20/2021

PAX: Banjo, Razzmatazz, Soft Kitty, Thumper, Chamomile, Floss, Goose, Arco, Birdie, Bog, Quill, & YHC

Welcome/Credo/Mission/5 Core Principles/Disclaimer…while planking

Warm-o-rama, IC: Don Quixotes, Grady Corns, Hairy Rockettes, SSHs

Mosey to Tennis Courts

BARTMANs, Dora-style
Burpees x25
American Hammers x50
Randys x75
Twinkle Toes x100
Merkins x125
Apolo Ohnos x150
Nolan Ryans x175

Mosey to picnic benches for 20 Step Ups (2:1) & a set of Lindsays

Mosey to Flags

Mary, IC: Rosalita Wips, Dying Cockroaches, Cockroach Resurrections

COT: From QSource…”A man’s 1st Red Pill is the toughest to swallow because it causes Disruption to the status quo…& while it doesn’t get easier, it does get better. The 2nd, 3rd, & 1000th Red Pill is just as tough to swallow as the 1st, but that…Movement gives birth to Acceleration which leads to Momentum & (that) ultimately leads to Joy.” Thanks for spending my one year anniversary w/ me.

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