F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Satchel Q – 1 Hour @ Grog

Satchel Q – 1 Hour @ Grog

Goldrush AO: Grog

QIC: Satchel

Pax (10): Bartman, Sandlot, La Croix, Stitches, Picard, Fescue, Happy Meal, Plunger, Farva (former fng), Satchel (QIC)


Cherry pickers ICx10

Plank 5 core, mission, credo

Climb the tree ICx 10 each leg

Motivators start @6

Fris-Bear-Crawl #/pax throws a frisbee, runs towards frisbee until it hits the ground, then bearcrawls rest of the way.

Dora 1-2-3

100 Mercans, partner does 5 underdogs under swing and switches

200 squats, partner runs across the ‘treacherous sand’ (playground bark) and back

280 LBCs (because 300 would have been uneven) partner A does 20 LBCs, partner B holds plank.

Moset to Basketball court
court10 squats, 10 Mercans, 10 BBSU : mosey courts & 80-90%ayg

Same thing but 9 squats, Mercans, BBSU, rinse and repeat.

@6 squats, Mercans, BBSU, mosey 2 bball courts (instead of 3) and ayg back

@3 squats, Mercans, BBSU, mosey 1 court and ayg back (10 burpees to finish at end because Pax thought they figured out the pattern)

ultimate frisbee with payment for drops: 3 squats, 2 Mercans, 1 BBSU- resets after team scores
*Frisbee broke after first contact with concrete. Played till frisbee was missing a piece, which was shortly after team 2 scored.*
Grabbed cones for some duck walk jousting, 3 rounds


Control freak Freddy mercurys IC x 10

Pickle pointers IC x 5 

Box cutters IC x 10

Mosey around some nearby trees and back.

SSH IC x 10

Plank 10 seconds till 8




Word of Wisdom from Satchel



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