F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Grind out the Merkin Mile

Grind out the Merkin Mile

Q: Coleman

Frank The Tank, LOL, Singlet, Drum Stick, Green Thumb-, BabyBack, TALON, Dinghy 916-705-9561, Schmear, @Dome⛰, Abacus, Backseat!!, Wrench Jordan Rainwater, YOTA

10 Don Quixotes – IC
10 Cherry Pickers – IC
20 SSHs – IC

Indian run to Football Field
Merkin Mile (25 Merkins after each lap)
Circle Burp on the field

Do-Ah-Ditty run (w/squats) to the basketball courts
Failure to Launch

Ab Circles with weights
20 Mountain Climbers – IC
20 Freddy Mercurys – IC
Plank until 6am

COT message: You can do hard things:
What is one hard thing you have been avoiding that you can commit to now? What’s stopping you?

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