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HILLS GO UP AND Candor is a 2 way street

HILLS GO UP AND Candor is a 2 way street

Total 9 – Q: Singlet
Pax: Mogul , baller , Putback , McFly , Pyro , Coleman , Dome⛰ , Trunk Monkey
We started with a light warm up ssh and imperial walker,
Jog to the hill, do 2 hill loops and go back for the six, mosey out above the tunnel onto the street, and up the big hill, turn around at stop sign and go back for the 6, run down hill, turn around at first street and pick up the 6, mosey back to the gate, we made it all the way to the end of the asphalt, turn around, and have all pax turn around when passes by the leader, mosey back to the flags.
We had a couple minutes left for rosey in the parking lot.
Words today are from last weeks Q source chapter, Candor.

While a very talented Effective but un-Virtuous Leader can Influence Movement without Candor, his success will only last for a season.

Candor is a 2 way street
Telling the hard Truth is only one half of Candor. The other half is hearing it. For a Leader to be Virtuous, he must be able to handle the Truth. If he can’t, than no one will be willing to tell it to him. Handling hard Truth well requires the discipline over one’s emotions that comes from Preparedness.

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