F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


PAX: Kilt, Banjö, Chamomile, Thumper, Ponytail, Sandlot, & YHC

Even though the Cubs are my favorite team, I still like & root for the White Sox & will definitely be rooting for them in the playoffs. So…

5 CPs/Disclaimer/Credo/Mission

Warm-a-rama (IC): Seal Claps, Mountain Man Poopers, Hillbillies, & Boy Bands, then Baseball Walk part way to baseball field & mosey eventually.

The Thang: GO SOX
Dora-style where the PAX take turns running the bases while the following happens…
Googs x 50
Outlaws x 100

SSHs x 150
Overhead Claps x 200
eXtreme Flutterkicks x 250

(After each round, PAX did Hillbillies for the 6 since I didn’t want them to worry about remembering the exercises.)

Mosey to playground &, because the bottom line is I’m still a Cubs fan…

Copperhead Squats (IC) x 27
Underdogs x 27
Bobby Hurleys x 27
Scorpion Dry Docks x 27
(4 x 27 = 108 yrs between Cubs championships)

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