F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Four points of Pain

Four points of Pain

QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 6
Mileage: negligible +/-

La Croix , Captain Hook , Uncle Rico , Peppi D , Dilbert , Fanny Pack

Mission Statement
Five core principles

Tomorrow, gladly!

Overhead hold for National Anthem
Modification: alternating 10 chest press and 10 LBCs

Pair up
Plank pull throughs
*Plank side by side
*Pull one bag across under chest and pass to partner, partner pushes it across under chest and then pulls it back through
Repeato 15x

Curls OYO x20

Four Points
*Bear crawl bag drag out, 15 overhead press, rifle carry back
*Crawl Bear bag drag out, 15 back squats, rifle carry back
*Heavy Smurf Walk out, 15 heavy LBCs, rifle carry back
*Sandbag Clean and throw out, 15 SSH, rifle carry back
*5 bag thrusters every time at center
Repeato until Halt (all PAX almost finished 3.75 laps)


PAX shared about their fathers.

Playlist was chosen specifically to build the PAX up during the tough tough in the dark dark. Fill yourself with positive!

Men of worth!

Ball of Man

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