F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 14
Mileage: 2.2 +/-

  • ConAir
  • Ponch
  • Possum
  • Coleman
  • Bueller
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Dome⛰
  • Foghorn
  • Bilbo
  • KJV
  • Magellan
  • Mater
  • FNG Q-bert
  • Fanny Pack

At 36 degrees Fahrenheit, a warm-up is a great idea, so we’ll skip it ?


  • Mosey to Scarborough and Secret Ravine
  • Merkins IC x15
  • Imperial Squat Walkers OYO x15
  • Mountain Climbers IC x15

Indian Run to bike trail, turn right.

  • Merkins IC x15
  • Bridge Work
  • Groups of three
  • One PAX does Squats at top, One PAX does Merkins at bottom, Third PAX going between the two – only way to cross bridge is Bear Crawl, mosey the rest

Indian Run through neighborhood to Secret Ravine, turn left, go to Scarborough

LBC IC x18

Mosey to Scarborough and Oberon
Low Dolly IC x17
Low Flutter IC x17

Indian Run, Smurf style onto Oberon into Neighborhood to park

Dips on Park bench IC x19

Mosey toward flags

Leg Raises, legs hanging over edge OYO x25
Al Gore, toes on curb hold till 6 am (about 40 seconds)



*Dome and family serving the less advantaged in McFarland, CA for Thanksgiving. Check with Dome for details
*LOL – coat and jacket drive
*Coupin painting/bedazzling night, Nov 22 @Hall Pass house. Bring your own puff paint! KJV will have glitter.

QIC thoughts:

Stay missional. Mission first, family always. Don’t leave 5 minutes BEFORE the miracle! Stay true to the mission!

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