F3 Gold Rush
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Rainy Runaround

Rainy Runaround

QIC: Fanny Pack

Mileage: 3.1 +/-

Pax in Attendance:

  • ConAir
  • Bondo
  • Toro
  • Yoshi
  • MarkyMark
  • Bandwagon
  • Sideboob
  • Plunger
  • Mudslide
  • Offshore
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Fanny Pack


At 46 degrees Fahrenheit and rainy, a warm-up is a great idea, so we’ll skip it ?


  • Mosey to Scarborough and Secret Ravine
  • Merkins IC x12
  • Cross Scarborough
  • Air squats OYO waiting for signal to cross Secret Ravine
  • Cross street onto Poppy Field
  • Mosey to Cambria Park basketball courts
  • Court Work
    • Merkin suicide 
    • Suicide and every time change directions, 5 merkins (use both courts, turn middle of key, between courts, middle of other key, sideline of other court)
    • Lunge walk across both courts, reverse lunge walk back
    • Overhead claps for the six
    • Jungle Boi Squats OYO x20
  • Mosey to traffic light
    • LBCs IC x18
  • Cross Secret Ravine
    • Plank waiting for signal to cross Scarborough
  • Indian run onto bike trail, go left at bike trail
    • Big Boi Situps OYO x10, when finished Mountain Climbers OYO x20
  • Continue Indian Run to base of hill up to Scarborough
  • Two lines
    • Sprint to Scarborough
  • Derkins OYO x10
  • Cross Scarborough
  • Climb Stairs and head into neighborhood
  • Mosey to Yarrow Wy, the base at Scarborough
  • Rosey to crest of Yarrow Wy
  • Pick up the six
    • LBCs OYO x30
  • Mosey down Yarrow
  • Turn on Sandhurst, head toward Joe Hernandez Park
  • Find additional unexpected hill on the way?
  • No time for BOMBs on basketball court ?
  • Merkins IC x12
  • Imperial Walkers OYO x40 
  • Indian Run back to Hilltop
  • Pick up six
  • Mosey to flags

Time called at 6:00am



Heart talk

*Lemon Drop’s mom Debbie has had cancer come back, she lives in TX
*Carmella, Yoshi’s friend, has lost both parents to COVID complications in the last 10 days

Prayed out

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