F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
The Gross

The Gross

•F3: plant, serve, and grow small male workout groups in the community for the invigoration of male leadership
•5 core principles
Free of charge
Open to all men
Lead no matter the weather
Lead by our peers
Ends in the circle of trust

•Warm up:(IC)
22Side straddle hops
11cherry pickers
11hairy rockettes
11Bat wings-forward arm circles, backwards arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps, moroccan night clubs

The Thang-Gross
12 exercises 12 reps
Mosey to the next opening around fields
1)Leg raise squats(2=1)
3)crunchy frogs(IC)
6)Carolina dry docks
7)Freddy Mercury(2=1)
bear crawl to center of fields
8)double shot of Jack
9)2 scoops
Rosie to next point
10)plank spins (spin in plank position)
Bernie to next point
12)kareoka jacks(2=1)
Accelerate 3min. Warning
5 burpees
Rosie to the flags
Plank till 6am

•Thank you to the 8 HIMs who showed up this morning. Happy Meal, Cliffhanger, LaCroix, Horry, KJV, TollBooth, Satchel, TopHam Hat
•Prayer for LaCroix to accelerate and push others while at grow ruck. Cliffhanger lead the prayer.

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